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Consultant Competency Scheme

One of the major requests from our clients when we submit consultants for consideration is that we are able to prove their competency and experience within their discipline.

Whilst we can always provide copies of training and education certificates, the variety of courses available within the oil and gas industry can make comparing competence a tricky business.  Having a single, verified measure of competence and experience not only helps our clients select the best people, it helps our consultants demonstrate their worth to clients and therefore improves their chances of selection.
The Oil Consultants Competency Scheme has been developed, with input from industry leading employers and OPITO, to provide a trusted measure of consultant experience.  As a consultant, there are many ways in which you can benefit from enrolment on, and completion of, this particular scheme, including;


  • Free to all consultants registered with Oil Consultants – you will not be charged to enrol or complete the scheme; even your certificate at the end is free.
  • Improved chance of selection by employers – since the scheme has been developed with input from our clients they recognise the value of the scheme and now actively request consultants who have completed it.
  • Transferable to all your job applications – unlike some other competency schemes, if you complete your validation through Oil Consultants we will present you with a certificate that you can use on all your job applications!  Since more and more employers now recognise the value of the Oil Consultants scheme, they are prepared to recognise the certificate as proof of competence regardless of whether or not they receive your application through ourselves.

How the scheme works:

Our scheme has been designed to be simple to use yet still provide a detailed, externally verified, declaration of your capabilities and experience.
Once you are registered with Oil Consultants, and if you work in one of the eligible disciplines, you can enrol on our competency scheme at any time.  A brief overview of the process is outlined below:


  1. Choose your discipline and experience level.  You can complete the scheme for multiple disciplines and multiple experience levels within each discipline if it is appropriate for you.
  2. Answer the relevant self-assessment questions online.
  3. Nominate a verifier from within the industry who can confirm they have seen you perform the declared actions in a safe and competent manner.
  4. Submit your self-declaration and list of verifiers online to Oil Consultants.
  5. Oil Consultants checks the authenticity of your verifiers and asks them to validate your responses.
  6. Once your responses have been confirmed to Oil Consultants by your verifiers, you will be declared competent in your chosen discipline at your declared experience level.
  7. Access your Certificate of Competence online through Oil Consultants and add your new qualification to your CV.
When you enrol on our competency scheme, every job you complete through us will be added to your record automatically.   At the end of the job you are asked to complete and return a job appraisal form outlining the equipment used and tasks performed.  The client will verify this declaration as they sign off your timesheet and the details are added to your competency record allowing you to achieve competence on additional levels as you work.

Please Note:  To be able to enrol on our competency scheme you must be registered with Oil Consultants.  

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